Writing, speaking, and translating the future


A company-wide assessment can be performed to identify all the areas the organization needs to address as they scale globally or individual assessments of the main company divisions can be performed.


The Product assessment focuses on the international customer experience. The product design and functionality is assessed from a global perspective. Does the product design allow for changes to regions and locales? Can the product be reskinned? Is the value proposion of the product in the new market the same or does it differ?


This evaluation assesses internationalization, integration with content, and product tools, and the assumptions made in the development of the product. If there are internationalization tools used what are they and how are they integrated into the develop, deploy, and run-time systems? What solutions for non-English or multi-lingual markets have been implemented? Can the systems render, store, and transform content in the appropriate character encoding, etc.


This company-wide content assessment focuses on the content lifeycle, all the tools and integrations across CMS, databases, etc. Does marketing localize or transcreate content? Do the content authoring tools handle localized content? Do the teams use DITA or some other structured authoring process? What is the source locale of the majority of the organization's content? How does the Org handle content customizations for locales and regions?