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Why is this called the word in bits?  Because all of my work has revolved around words online (in bits). My work in teaching, publishing, localization, machine translation, and international expansion all depend on the “written word” and the scripts used to represent it.

I spent half of my working life as an educator and the other half in globalization. I currently run a globalization consulting business, but I am always investigating new opportunities in the quickly changing technology industry. My interests are broad and these blog posts represent some of my thinking on each of these spaces.

I believe we are living in an age of transition. We are shifting from analog to digital, physical to virtual, and specialized intelligence to artificial intelligence (and perhaps even general). We will forget much, discover more, offload some, and rush to keep up as we have more inputs, demands and requirements upon us. 

New tools and technologies make the world smaller and varied, mask and highlight differences, provide infinite opportunities for equality and bias, enable and endanger democracy, erode and strengthen privacy, automagically translate and mistranslate languages, shift capitalism from goods and services to surveillance and targeting and will remake everything from birth to death and finance to education in the years to come. Manual farming and M'Choakumchild child education have all been altered by AI and ML And VR/AR/MR are altering our very perceptions of the world and each other.

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