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We know that storytelling is essential to inspire and metrics are essential to win investment. Our experience helps you pinpoint the right things to track and report on. So from the beginning you can gather metrics to support your arguments, show your team's value, and get further investment in your efforts. Whether your team tracks OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we can help.


We help you decide what to measure and how to scale data collection. With this help you will have  metrics parity across features and products in every locale. This will include operational metrics, ROI metrics, divisional metrics, and locale/ market specific metrics.


Metrics are as much about how you collect them as they are about what you are tracking.  Using cumbersome, or fault prone methods can adversely affect the value of metrics and waste valuable resources with our guidance this can be avoided.

For Whom?

You will likely need processes to collect many types of data to answer the questions and support the needs of your many stakeholders. Our globalization experience can help ensure that you have C-Level metrics for the CEO, and that you have different but correlated metrics for vendors, developers, and product teams.