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Who we are

Who we are 1

I am  localization and globalization professional with experience designing strategies for whole enterprise localization and globalization. I’ve worked with hundreds of product managers to help them position their product for an international launch. At the corporate level, I’ve helped teams address tax, legal, procurement, and business interactions with globalization and designed ways to scale globalization across a whole enterprise without needing to centralize the work.

I am also a former professor of research and literature with a background in publishing, technology, machine learning, machine translation, artificial intelligence, vendor and partner management, program/ product management and business strategy. I am adept at breaking apart large problems and processes and using data and research to create strategies to scale, improve, or pivot work.

I am co-creator on 8 granted patents and 3 more pending from my work at Amazon  (5 for localization, 5 for machine learning, and 1 individual patent for automatic creation of personalized content).

My interest in globalization was fueled by a happy accident where I took a low-paying job doing content editing and I found a career. I’ve been methodical about 2 things with my  career.

  1. Work with companies where I could develop skills and techniques to help companies global expansion.
  2. Design a framework where I could systematize those processes.

Amazon served that purpose for almost 8 years. In my work at Amazon I served as an internal consultant for every type of localization and machine translation for over 200 teams. That work has made me something unique in the industry. I devised a strategy to support the needs of all of those teams without centralizing the localization work, though I also know how to optimize processes if centralization is possible.

But now I use those skills to help companies to expand internationally. Thus I’ve created this blog to help me find customers who want to consider globalization and localization as part of of their global strategy, not just the long pole in a production process.

When a company realizes they need to optimize their processes, they already have technical and business process debt that makes the transition difficult. I can guide companies through this by laying out the options and helping to design and implement methods to ease the transition.  I am available for consulting please send me a message through the contact page.