Writing, speaking, and translating the future


The key to solid strategy is answering two questions.

1. Where do we need to go?

2. How do we get there from here?

The strategies we design answer these questions through an analysis of effort and ROI. Changing a system or adding a development team may definitely help you get where you need to go, but is the cost of retraining  more than productivity gained from new tools? Is the reallocation of developers worth the loss of forward momentum on other projects?


This consulting focuses on market or region launches and support. The team helps to create launch and support plans for new locales.  This can occur only after an assessment of the current tools and systems have been done so that  a plan can identify content, product, and tooling challenges that will need to be addressed as work scales.

Business Structure

Where does globalization sit in the company? Or does it even exist? Is localization seen as a post -launch process? Should it be?  Do you have trainings for developers and content creators on internationalization and authoring for localization? Should you? We help you answer these questions and make a roadmap to reach your goals.

Business Goals

Do you have to launch in Europe by Q4 of next year? Are you unsure how to grow your footprint in Latin America? Which country holds the largest value for your business growth while providing a low barrier to entry. We help you frame these questions and design to your strategy to reach the business goal.