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Whole Enterprise Training

We provide a training that is relevant to the Whole enterprise. This includes a focus on pitfalls and best practices for content, development, and product design. It includes examples from each area of the organization and how they can globalize their efforts and how they can effectively work with other parts of the organization to launch globally with relevant products and services more efficiently. This set of trainings can be segmented by organization with a shared pitfalls and best practices component for the whole organization.

Targeted Training

Targeted trainings are focused on particular challenges or issues your organization chooses or individualized trainings for any department or division of the organization. These trainings are more in-depth and will include assessment techniques and solution design components specific to an organziation's needs.

Data-Driven Training

Data from an initial assessment can be used to customize a set of trainings to help your team strategize and execute solutions for your organization's issues. This type of training is traditionally done two weeks or more after the initial assessment as it take time to parse the assessment data and design trainings to address the issues specific to your teams.